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Super Bowl 49
Started by Leader Haleyia Amanodel 4 years ago
Well I really didn't care what Team would win the Super Bowl this year. But I gotta tell ya, after a Superior catch by Seattle...............well lets just say that old saying, "stupid is as stupid does" rings true. One yard to go and Seattle decides to pass it in against Patriots defense, right! That good old saying, "What were they thinking?" just makes me laugh. Should have just given it to Seattle's "Tank" and let him run it in. At least that's what I would have done. But I say, "Stupid Seattle, if ya gonna pass it in with one yard to go, and you fail, You deserve to loose." lol.

Good Hunting! Guildies.

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  • Kippy


    Hey so i was just wondering, in your “High Deflect with Good Offense and Good Regen” loadout, to get your deflect chance that high did feats come into play? and also were you stacking silvery enchantments in defensive slots instead of radiants


    • Setsua Dammaggher


      TRs are kinda squishy IMHO.

      I chose defensive feats over offensive wherever possible.
      I chose Black Ice Enchants and Radiant in my current build.


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